Professional Engineering Services

Infrastructure, Bridges, and Buildings

    • Consulting Services
      TAS Engineering LLC is a consulting engineering firm that provides services for the construction industry. Our experience in construction, engineering and materials testing will provide your company a practical and innovative edge in solving the most difficult construction problems.
    • Falsework Designs
      Falsework for bridge construction activities such as support for freshly poured concrete, walkway and platforms for work crews and temporary support for bridge overhangs and other overhanging structures.
    • Shoring Design
      TAS Engineering has extensive experience with shoring of excavations using beam and lagging, sheet piling and tieback soil anchors.
    • Crane lifting and erection plans
      TAS has the expertise to provide crane lifting and girder erection plans. TAS also has the
      authority to approve and provide engineered stamped plans as required for safety critical
      pick plans.

  • Project Management
    TAS Engineering can provide project management services to projects in the public and private construction industries.
  • Inspection and Testing Services
    Safety Critical Inspections
    Foundation Inspections
    Structural Concrete Inspections
    Quality control (QC) inspections and testing
    Quality assurance (QA) Oversite and testing
  • AutoCAD
    TAS Engineering has the experience and abilities to provide engineered quality drawing and specifications for any size project or to work as a team member in another drawing system.